Sunday, September 24, 2006


This could well be the most civilized divorce in history - so far. Stopped by to see S on my way home from work on Friday, and had dinner with she and her parents. Her parents are not happy, but aren't inserting themselves into the situation, either. S is not happy, but seems resigned to it.

The house is on the market, and the agent listed it for more than I expected and seems confident of a quick sale. Houses in this area and price range are moving well right now. I hope she's right; the sooner we can get past this all, the sooner we can both move on with our lives and get over it. A friend told me something like, if it must be done, do it quickly. Sound advice, I believe.

I'll get some boxes this week and start cleaning out the attic and packing things up. Since S is staying with her parents, half the garage is available for stacking stuff. E and I have cleaned the house, mowed and generally spiffied the place up; looks decent.


Thursday, September 07, 2006


My son frames houses for a living right now. He'll probably go to school in January to get his EMT certification; he wants to be a firefighter. He loves working with his hands, and he enjoys framing, went to two years of carpentry at vo-tech while still in high school (he graduated this past spring) and he's saving money.

Anyway, yesterday he was dismounting a ladder and managed to shoot himself in the thigh with his nailgun. Ouch.

He immediatly pulled the nail out - probably not a good move. He was able to drive himself to the emergency toom, they cleaned it, gave him a tetinous shot and took an x-ray. The nail grazed a nerve, and he can't feel his knee right now, but his leg works, stiffly. Thank God it didn't sever the nerve or worse, the artery. He stayed home today, but he's not bruised or swollen.

The boy is blessed.