Saturday, July 29, 2006


if i cared would it matter?

if i gave would it show?

you have no idea

how much

as a seed for water

as a flower for light

as a fish for water

as an owl for night

you have no idea

how much

longing unimaginable

loyalty unmatched

worship unsullied

adoration unending

you have no idea

how much

oh imagine just once

paradise become reality

look and see all that matters

in my eyes

Friday, July 14, 2006


all i know is a memory without recourse
all she loved was a boy who burned bright but faded soon
a morning so beautiful, a day so filled with all that matters
ended by deep night of anger's merciless assault
all my life in a night of rain chasing leaves down gutters
all her joy fled before thoughtless passion

is it too much to ask

Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Poll don'tcha love polls!?

If I ask if you're happy, how would you answer?

"Hey, go fuck yourself - it's nunna yer damn bidness!"

Yes, you might say that. However, this is my blog and I'm asking. Not only am I asking, I'm limiting your reply to a simple yes or no. Certainly there are things in everyone's life they're happy about, and other things, well, not so much. I'm not asking if you love your job, your mate, your kids, your dog, cat or the cool electronic gadget you couldn't wait to show off to all your friends. Neither am I asking if you are manic depressive, bipolar or just Catholic. I'm asking if you are happy - yes or no.

No, I won't tell you my own answer. Again, this is my blog and I make up the rules - pretty much as I go along. Now, let's see some single syllable replies! chop chop!