Saturday, April 21, 2007


Last weekend I took a trip. I went to a city I had never before visited, to meet someone I had never seen. In retrospect, it may well have been the most wonderful weekend of my life.

Some time back, The Universe brought two people together via the internets. These two people had been many of the same places in their lives. Both had been married for many years, both had been on spiritual journeys that changed their lives. Both had been hurt deeply and wondered if they could (or would) ever again experience what they had lost.

Before long, it was obvious to both of us that fate had, indeed taken a hand. I was invited to come visit. On the flight up, my heart was in my throat. As I walked down the hall to her place, my hands were shaking. She was every bit as exited to see me. We went for breakfast and then a walk in her favorite woods. She showed me some things in this forest that were dear to her, and told me why.

We spent the weekend getting to know one another the way lovers do. By the time I left, it was plain that I would be returning - as soon as possible. We are in love. We love, want and need each other in ways we both had dreamed of for years. We are completely comfortable with one another; we trust one another fully.

The geography issue will work itself out; it has to. Don't know when or how, but it will. All I can be right now is grateful and happy.