Sunday, March 25, 2007

at last

in a place so serene i heard the news
at a time so unexpected i felt the change
a shattering of structures long in place
a release of dread and embrace of hope
recognition and resignation
poured out and filled
rest now in arms of gratitude
take and receive all that is offered
without expectation, without reservation
breathe in joy and tremble in knowing
myth made reality and pain made peace
it is
it is

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Via a trusted friend, I have met someone. Someone with whom I seem to be spending virtually all of my spare time. Someone who makes me smile - a lot. Someone who smiles a lot when she's conversing with me; and laughs and shares and actually enjoys my company.

Though this relationship hardly qualifies as "internet dating," the internets are, so far, our primary means of communication. This has it's good points and bad. It's good in that we can learn a lot about each other from a "safe" distance. Bad in that, at this point, we've learned enough to actually want to meet in "meatspace." She has invited me to visit, but there is some geography involved and it will be some weeks before this happens.

Her sincerity is refreshing, her interest in me genuine. This is new; and nice. I've had a couple of less than enjoyable experiences with insincerity, indifference and outright dishonesty of late, so this "relationship" is so far most welcome and appreciated. Now I just have to scrounge airfare.