Friday, April 28, 2006


lost and beyond caring
centered on meaningless tripe
given to self-indulgence
wondering where it all goes

i thought i knew what it took to be one
i believed in a true sense of worth
somewhere the circle got broken
somehow the tune lost key

dream and desire the perfection
wish and hope for a sign
carry the mistakes like a burden
forget not but try to forgive

Monday, April 10, 2006


forma obscura

form from water's wash to unflinching granite's face
all in plasma flowing splintered limb and milk of kindness
shattered by passing passion and cast in shape new and unknown

place indefinate

place a place or not at all - difference is everything
moved by circumstance and rooted in vice without reason
journey constant and needed in stagnation's stead

mood flux

mood an ever changing mural of colours so deep
arrived and departed without reason or bidding
ruler of all when in fullsail, quiet joy in womb of thought

Saturday, April 08, 2006

All the Best

I wish you love
and happiness

I guess I wish
you all the best

I wish you don't
do like I do

and ever fall in love with someone like you

'cause if you fell
just like I did

You'd probably walk around the block like a little kid

but kids don't know
they can only guess

how hard it is to wish you happiness

I guess that love
is like a Christmas card

you decorate a tree
you throw it in the yard

it decays and dies
and the snowmen melt

well I once knew love
I knew how love felt

yeah I knew love and it knew me

and when I walked
love walked with me

and I got no hate
and I got no pride

well I got so much love that I cannot hide

say you drive a Chevy
say you drive a Ford

you say you drive around the town 'til you just get bored

then you change your mind
for something else to do

and your heart gets bored with your mind and it changes you

well it's a doggone shame
and it's an awful mess

I wish you love
I wish you happiness

I wish you love
I wish you happiness

I guess I wish
you all the best

- John Prine

Friday, April 07, 2006

in a diner

The coffee was decent but the pie was cold. Neither of them was much interested in either anyway. Her coat lay piled next to her in the booth, her purse on top. Out the window, through the rain, the traffic rumbled on, indifferent.

His mindless gaze toward the street was broken by the lightest touch of a hand on his own. He looked at her and smiled. The look in her eyes said much and quickly gained his rapted attention.

Could you still love me? she asked in a voice so soft he almost didn't hear.

Without any effort at all....came the reply from deep within him.

Then hold me, hold me in your arms....and make me know it's true.